Reasons to Hire a Survey Company

There are a few reasons why you may need to have your land surveyed. In such a need, it is important that you search for the best survey companies to complete the work. An internet search of a term such as survey companies near me should provide results, making it easy to choose the best company for your needs. But, exactly why would you need to have your property surveyed? Some of the many reasons this service is used are listed below.

1.  Set Boundary Lines

Setting boundary lines is one of the most common reasons that a homeowner needs to have their land surveyed. Knowing the location of the boundary lines is important before making additions to the property, whether it is a simple fence or another room.

2.  Rights of Way

If there are rights of way between the neighbors and your place, the surveyor will find this information on the title report and other court agreements so no one’s rights are violated. He’ll then ensure that the rights of way are intercepted and reflected in the manner in which the law imposes.

3.  Water/Electric Line Installation

When you need to know the exact property lines or where the water, electric, telephone or other lines or cables are locate, you need to hire a survey to come to the property to detail this information. You may need this information because it could give a utility company permission to use your property for certain tasks.

4.  Zoning Classification

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Is your property zoned for residential or commercial use? You could be surprised to learn the exact zoning classification of your property. Furthermore, there might be restrictions on the manner in which you can use your property. You can hire a surveyor to find out the information that you need.